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fn338 sonjan


At the North Jutland shipyard JOBI Shipyard A/S in Strandby last weekend, Saturday 12th of October, they had the christening of new build FN 338 Sonjan, with fishermen Jan and Martin Søndergaard Larsen.

With the delivery of this state-of-the-art and brand new consumer trawler, the yard has strengthened its position as a newbuild and rebuilding yard, complemented nicely by their repair and maintenance tasks, large and small.

JOBI Shipyardard A/S in Strandby, owned by the Jesper and Bjarke Faurholt brothers, has with great success, changed the yard from dealing exclusively with repair and maintenance to new constructions. In just a few years, the brothers have managed to transform the yard into a full-service yard and add a new market segment with newbuilding orders. With the expansion of workshops, warehouses and offices as well as welfare facilities, the North Jutland shipyard at Shipyard 2 in Strandby has placed the shipyard newbuild orders on medium-sized fishing vessels between 17 and 24 meters.

This is perfectly in line with the Faurholt brothers’ plans for the yard, changing the yard’s status to include more and more new builds. “We look forward to proving that we can also perform this type of task. We hope, of course, that this will be noticed by the industry so that the newbuild segment can grow for us in the future because we have all the skills and all the necessary facilities to solve newbuild tasks, ”explains Jesper Faurholt.

The consumer trawler Sonjan is 22 meters long and 7 meters wide. The hull was built in Poland, while ShipCon A/S completed design and drawings in Frederikshavn in collaboration with JOBI Shipyardard A/S.

For the task of moving the ship at 22 meters, the trawler has chosen a Caterpillar C18 main engine of 447 kW (600HP). The main motor and auxiliary motors are installed and supplied by Pon Power, and Hundested Propeller has been responsible for the propeller with a diameter of 2500 mm, a GPGD50 reduction gear and an FT3 bow thruster.

With Sonjan, the Strandby shipyard has finally entered a new era where, after a ‘drought period’ of almost 25 years, six new builds have been delivered and six medium-sized vessels on order. These are predominantly Danish vessels, which are spread over several ports in North Jutland; from Strandby Harbor over Hirtshals and to Hanstholm Harbor.

With the fishermen Jan and Martin Søndergaard Larsen at the helm, Sonjan will be put into the fishing for whitefish, flatfish and virgin lobster, which after catching, are stored and cooled in the ship’s hold.

The suppliers and FiskerForum.dk wish the ship and crew good the best of good luck on their journey.

Main dimensions

Length etc.
22.00 meters
Width mld
7.00 meters
4.55 meters
175 BT

Capacities etc.

Burn Oil
~ 22,000 L
Fresh water
~ 14,000 L
process water
~ 6,000 L
4 man

Technical equipment

Design – ShipCon A/S and JOBI Shipyardard A/S

propulsion system
Engine Catepillar C18, 447 kW and generator
Catepillar C4.4, 2 pcs 80 kW
Pon Power, Esbjerg

SeaController for main engine RPM and propeller CCP control

VP10.5S 2500 mm, gear CPGD50 & Bowthruster FT3
Dog site Propeller

Hydraulic package
AS: Scan, Hvide Sande

Steering gear
Control MT-1600
AS: Scan, Hvide Sande

Norisol, Frederikshavn

Topcoat, Skagen

Electrical & Electronics
Scanel International, Frederikshavn

Catch control system
SeaMech A/S has delivered:
SCANMAR 365 catch control system
1 piece. SCANMAR WDR-42 Receiver
2 pcs. Scanmar SS4 bucket sensors included
Double Distance and Angle (Pitch / Roll)
1 piece. SCANMAR SS4 lump sensor
2 pcs. SCANMAR FLOW Trawlspeed / Symmetry sensors

Fish Handling / Factory
KM Fish Machinery A/S and JOBI Shipyardard A/S


Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-fn338-sonjan/

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