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Oscar Sund


Hvide Sande Shipyard is getting ready to hand over an advanced school ship.

The ship is now at the quay at Hvide Sande Shipyard and is scheduled to be delivered and transferred to Meløy High School at Bodø in Northern Norway. The school ship is named after the famous Norwegian Zoologist and marine scientist Oscar Sund, who with a combined and broad scientific and technical education, made a considerable effort to develop Norwegian fishing and improve the conditions for the Northern Norwegian fishermen.

Oscar Sund becomes the world’s first training vessel of its kind and enters the Norwegian educational course under Naturbruk. The education is two years where the first year is a theoretical part that takes place at the school called Vg1 Naturbruk. The second-year is an internship called Vg2 that is split into two parts: the first in an Internship in Aquaculture and the second is Fisheries and Trapping Internship.

Knowledge and competencies are becoming increasingly important in the development of Norwegian regions and communities. The preservation of jobs along the coast and the development here is dependent on skilled people with sound professional knowledge – a prerequisite for a competitive working life, which in turn would like to give a positive development in the cities along the Norwegian coast. That is why the school ship Oscar Sund is met with great expectations at Meløy High School at Bodø.

With the order, the school ensures that the students can receive a first-class maritime learning experience in a mOscar Sunduch more modern method of studying the nautical subjects and fishing. The new fishing school ship will be just under 24 meters in length and 8 meters in width. The newbuild will replace the current ship, which is now approaching its 70th year.

The ship will be supplied with a hybrid package for its power consumption. This means that the energy onboard is utilized as much as possible so that it can be worked on and taught at in port without the use of a diesel generator, and that the ship can be supplied with energy from a shaft generator during routine operations in a lake. Oscar Sund becomes Northern Norway’s answer to the world’s first state-of-the-art multifunctional fishing and nautical school ship.

Mechanical cord 350HS Gear.

Main dimensions

Length etc.
24 meters

Capacities etc.

12 man

Technical equipment

Design; HVSA / Solstrand Trading AS;

Propulsion plant and machinery

Diesel engine for propulsion; Scania; DI16 079M 552kW @ 1800rpm
Propeller Systems; Mechanical cord – 350HS Gear.
Cross tube propeller; CP gear type 350HS CP19 ø1580mm with nozzle
Gensets; SISU diesel
Scania; GASI 4-07 74kW @ 1500rpm
GASI 09-07 04-11 150kW @ 1500 rpm
Page propellers; MB Hydraulics; S-80-120-V110
Shaft generator; Visedo; 75kW
Fuel oil pumps; Azcue;
Cooling Water Pumps; Azcue;
SCR; Scania;
Muffler; PipeCon;
Bilge pumps; Azcue;
Bilge pumps working tires; Landia;

Deck equipment

deck cranes; TMP Hydraulics A / S; 900XL / 500K
deck equipment; AS Scan
Anchor winch: SW 1-CBC-40-KN
Tov winch: SW SAI-1300-1400 – UT – B
Ankerwinch; AS Scan; SW 35-60 OT
Yarn Tails
Linekveiler; Lorentzen hydraulics
Lorentzen hydraulics; GH-800
Batch Cooker; Intech; Type 4010

Cargo and catch storage

RSW Plant; Cold Technical; Seaco2ol SC80
Oxygen and temperature meter .; OxyGuard; Pacific

Steering gear

Scan Steering: MT1000-40-BICB-CS Capstan: HC3CH740A

Upholstery – Decor

Interior design; Vendelbo Woodwork aps;
Exterior doors; Libra;
Window/light valves; Bohamet;
furniture; Vendelbo Woodwork aps;
Skipper Chair; Norsap; Norsap 1500
Fair equipment; Siemens
Bosch Electrolux;
Washing machine/dryer drums; Siemens Bosch Electrolux;
Ventilation system; LF Ventilation;
Sanitary supply system; HVSA;
Sanitary drainage system; HVSA


Radar installations; Furuno; FR-1518BB
Satellite-Gyro; Furuno; SC-70
plotter; Olex
ECDIS; Furuno; FMD-3000-E
AIS, Furuno, FA-170
Autopilot; AP-70
Sonar, Simrad, EK-80 70kHz
Sonar; Simrad SX-95
CCTV; Monacor;
VHF, FM-8900S
Portable VHF, Entel, HT649 GMDSS
bridge watch alarm; Unisafe, BW800
Radar transponder (SART), S4
EPIRB, Furuno, E-5-A / E-5-M
Navigation Lanterns, Hella
Phones/intercom; Phone Tech
UPS; Eaton;

Electric installation

Electrical Installation; West El
batteries; EST Floatech
El. cables; West El
The main board / Have Breeding; West El
The light fixture
Floodlights; West El
Manøverpulte; SEAMECH;
Alarm and automation system; Vest El;
Fire alarm central; Autronica;
Brandslukingssystem; Lotek;
Tank mirror system Level sensors Pressure/temp sensors
Level indicators; Vest EL;


Material protection; Jotun;
Antifouling aggregate; LG Sonic;
Cathodic protection; BAC Bera;

Rescue equipment

Life rafts; Viking; 25 person liferaft
Rescue and security equipment; Viking


Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-oscar-sund-skoleskib/

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