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Westman Islands fishing company Vinnslustöðin (VSV) has this year had its best ever herring season, and this has now come to an end. ‘The 30th November night shift at the factory processed the last of the herring, landed by Ísleifur, to finish the season,’ said Sindri Viðarsson, who heads VSV’s pelagic division. ‘This brings to […] [...]

New factory trawler Baldvin Njálsson GK-400 has been delivered by Astilleros Armón to Nesfiskur, based at Garður in the south of Iceland. Nesfiskur went to Icelandic naval architect Skipasýn for the design of their new trawler, which features the large propeller that has become a hallmark of a the company’s trawler designs. The Astilleros Armón […] [...]

The Slippurin yard in the north of Iceland has been busy recently, and looks to remain that way into the new year. FISK Seafood’s factory trawler Arnar is at the quayside, as is Thorfish’s factory trawler Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson, while Vinnslustöðin’s pelagic vessel Sighvatur Bjarnason has been on the slipway to be prepared for the coming […] [...]

A longstanding member of the NFFO’s Executive Committee and vice-chairman of its South- East Committee, Paul Gilson has been elected as the next chairman of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation. Andrew Pascoe from Cornwall will continue as as NFFO president. Paul comes from a family that has fished the Thames estuary and southern North […] [...]

A fishing company in New Zealand has been handed heavy fines by a court in Invercargill for a variety of offences, including finning shark catches. A fine of $18,000 has been handed to Jacob Fishing Limited and skipper Phillip James Turner has been fined $6750 for set netting in marine protected areas, along with removing […] [...]

New trawler Linette was handed over by Thyborøn Skibs & Motor (3XJ) to its Thyborøn owners at the end of October, and finished its first trip with respectable results. Linette L-120 has been built for Alfred Fisker Hansen and Tommy Svart who have been looking forward for some time to upgrading to a new vessel, […] [...]

As of 21st November, the Russian Far East industry had landed 291,000 tonnes of ivasi sardine, mackerel and saury, while the salmon catch has exceeded half a million tonnes. Dense marks of ivasi sardine migrating from northern waters have allowed the fleet to land 229,00 tonnes. The mackerel catch of 62,000 tonnes is a significant […] [...]

Fishermen in Brittany, Normandy and the Pas de Calais are today taking action to disrupt cross-Channel traffic in a demonstration of their frustration over what they see as the UK dragging its heels in respecting agreements struck as Britain left the European Union almost a year ago. ‘We are not looking for handouts, we just […] [...]

In spite the numerous requests from the EU on all countries to take proportional effort and responsibility towards the good management and full recovery of bigeye tuna, according to European fishing industry body Europêche, which states that some countries have been increasing catches of tropical tuna stocks in the last decade, in stark contrast with […] [...]

The first seafood exhibition to take place Barcelona is already larger than any previous event in Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global’s history. The organisers expect it to reignite the global seafood industry’s in-person events as it takes place in April next year at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via venue. Five months ahead of the 2022 […] [...]