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Norwegian pelagic vessels operating in Icelandic waters to catch capelin under the agreements relating to this stock are at a disadvantage, according to vessel operators’ federation Fiskebåt, which has written to the Minister of Fisheries to point out that it sees this as an unfair situation. Fiskebåt points out that there is a limit on the number of Norwegian vessels participating at any one time, that for them the season is short, as they vessels can only fish for capelin north of 64°30’N – plus they are restricted to fishing only with purse seine gear. This is a restriction that… [...]

The blue whiting fishery that takes place west of Ireland and Scotland in the spring is know for tight concentrations of fish, often resulting in big bags after short tows. Researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research have been examining the performance of trawl gear, and by placing 10-15 sensors on the trawls of five fishing vessels have been tracking how gear handles during a tow, as they look for ways of preventing codends from bursting under the pressure of the fish inside. Researcher Ólafur Arnar Ingólfsson. Image: Havforskningsinstituttet. Main image: Dagfinn Lilleng/Fiskeridirektoratet There is heavy fishing at this… [...]

Moving into the third year of cancelled trade fairs and exhibitions, one of Marel’s sales people took it upon himself to go to his customers. One client got an outdoor demonstration of the Marel processing systems. Image: Marel Dennis Vos covers areas of Germany, Austria and Italy, and he decided to hit the road in the autumn of 2021, knowing that he needed to come up with something creative to give customers the opportunity to see some of Marel’s newest fish processing hardware. He loaded a pinboner, slicer and skinning machine into a truck and set off on a private… [...]

Mikael Thinghuus has agreed with the board of directors to step down as Royal Greenland’s CEO this coming summer, eleven years after taking over a company that at the time was in crisis. ‘My time at Royal Greenland has been one of the highlights of my life,’ said Mikael Thinghuus, who turns 60 this year. ‘I have very much enjoyed working on this, partly because producing healthy food of outstanding quality has real meaning, partly because Royal Greenland is so absolutely crucial to Greenlandic society and self-government, and partly because Royal Greenland both in Greenland and elsewhere is a leading… [...]

Arctic Oddi, a subsidiary of Icelandic salmon operator Arctic Fish, has acquired a new building at the quayside of Westfjords fishing port Bolungarvík with the intention of converting it into a salmon slaughter facility. The company has announced that its aim was to ensure that it had a building at its disposal. The building had been erected for Fiskmarkaður Bolungarvíkur. ‘By acquiring these premises, which are suitable for this activity and which are almost complete, we have a possibility to establish a slaughter house capable of coping with production,’ said Arctic Fish managing director Stein Ove Tveiten. There has been… [...]

Norwegian fishing company Finnøy Fiskeriselskap has taken the decision to re-equip longliner Vonar with all-new deck equipment from Mustad. Geir Arve Sandøy and Daniel Finnøy of Finnøy Fiskeriselskap with Mustad’s Svein Erik Bakke Vonar’s current hydraulic system is to be replaced with electrical equipment. ‘Daniel Finnøy and Geir Arve Sandøy are among the first to sign a contract for the new Mustad Autoline E-Line system,’ said Mustad’s Svein Erik Bakke, adding that the people behind Vonar have a track record of being early adopters, and were the second Norwegian operator to invest in a SuperBaiter when that was first launched.… [...]

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association remains critical of the authorities’ continued requirement for acoustic pingers in winter net fishery for cod in the Vestfjord region. ‘We believe that more data collection and data assessment should be done,’ said the Association’s chairman Kåre Heggebø. In December 2021, the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that the requirement for the use of acoustic transmitters (pingers) would continue for the Vestfjord gill net fishery in 2022. These are widely recognised as a tool that can deter porpoises and other marine mammals from approaching fishing gears. ‘The Association is concerned about avoiding unwanted bycatch of… [...]

After more than a year of restrictions on imports of Russian seafood, introduced in late 2020, the Chinese authorities have now opened the ports of Dalian and Qingdao for bulk fish from Russia, and a first shipment went to Dalian a few days ago. Vysotsk (JSC Gidrostroy) delivered more than 7000 tonnes of mainly pollock, pollock roe and milt, as well as pollock and herring meal from several Russian producers. According to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, transporting products directly from fishing grounds to Chinese ports is seen as the safest way to supply. The decision to re-open access follows… [...]

Astilleros Armón has delivered the latest new trawler to join the Argentinian fleet fishing for red shrimp. Wanchese Fish Company, a division of Cooke Seafood USA, went to the Spanish yard to build the 42.93 metre LOA, 11 metre breadth outrigger Destiny, the newest in a long string of such trawlers from Armón for Argentinian fishing companies. ‘Destiny and her crew will deliver the highest quality products available in the Argentine fishery and will provide our customers with products meeting the strictest specifications,’ said Cooke Seafood USA CEO Ross Butler. ‘We are very excited that the Destiny will be fully… [...]

After seven years with Cermaq, Wenche Grønbrekk is now taking on a larger responsibility for ocean stewardship, joining SeaBOS as Director of Strategy, Partnerships, and External Relations. She has extensive experience driving sustainability initiatives, including her roles at Cermaq, in the UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship Coalition, and as a Task Force leader within SeaBOS. ‘Wenche will bring a depth of skills, expertise, existing connections, and collaborative approaches to SeaBOS. Her appointment will help communicate and drive our actions and increase our ability to influence transformative change to sustainable seafood production and a healthier ocean,’ said SeaBOS managing director Martin… [...]