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The Tersan shipyard has floated off the partially outfitted hull of freezer trawler Gadus. The Skipsteknisk-designed factory trawler is being built for Faroese fishing company JFK. This is an 81 metre, 18.30-metre breadth factory trawler designed to operate as a multi-rigger with four trawl winches. Delivery is scheduled for the end of this year. Gadus is being fitted with a factory deck with processing lines for shrimp, fillet production, and fishmeal and fish oil production, as well as options for freezing pelagic catches on board. It will have accommodation for a crew of up to 43 in high-standard living areas.… [...]

European fishing industry groups have welcomed a second round of aid designed to help fishing cope with the fuel crisis as the EuropeanParliament adopted a modification of EMFF 2014-2022 to alleviate the consequences of the Russia invasion of Ukraine on fishing activities. ‘This financial package will certainly help bringing relief and stability to fishermen and the markets. The goal is no doubt to adopt all necessary measures to secure fish operations and the supply of seafood to the market,’ said managing director of Europêche Daniel Voces. ‘The EU fleet has, as have food producers, taken the responsibility to continue fishing… [...]

Westman Islands fishing company Vinnslustöðin has added a pelagic vessel to its fleet. It becomes Gullberg VE-292 name, a familiar name and number in the Islands, and several of the company’s older vessels have been renamed. Previously Gardar, Gullberg was built in 1998 as Serene. Images: VSV Pelagic vessel Kap VE-4 becomes Sighvatur Bjarnason VE-81, taking the name and registration of a vessel that had long been a part of the company fleet before being sold recently – and named after one of the Islands’ most successful fishermen who subsequently managed Vinnslustöðin for many years. Kap II has now been… [...]

A world-first on Western Australia’s southern coastline is being celebrated as a game-changing innovation for abalone, which is now formally recognised as a Wild Enhanced Fishery, meeting the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. The concept of ocean-ranching was established when Western Australian company Rare Foods Australia developed a model to combine the sustainability and environmental benefits of aquaculture with the market appeal and premium pricing of wild-catch fisheries. The result is a 413-hectare underwater ocean ranch in the nutrient-rich waters of Flinders Bay near Augusta, which is home to hundreds of thousands of greenlip abalone, which are hand-planted to grow… [...]

MEPs will this week vote on a proposal to make available financial compensation for the EU fisheries and aquaculture sectors following the extensive disruption caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine. Under the draft legislation, member states will be able to use the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) to support EU fisheries operators, producer organisations and aquaculture business whose activities have been jeopardised by the war and whose economic viability is endangered by trade and supply chain disruption. According to MEPs, the processing sector would also benefit. Compensation would cover not only losses of income but also additional costs these… [...]

NOAA has proposed new measures aimed at illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. These changes address two key tools, the US Moratorium Protection Act and the international Port States Measures Agreement. The measures would enhance NOAA’s abilities to combat IUU fishing activities and counter forced labour in the seafood supply chain. The agency will seek public comment on the rule once it’s published. The proposed rule would strengthen NOAA’s ability to address IUU fishing activities when implementing the US Moratorium Protection Act. This is a key engagement tool NOAA uses to identify, consult with, and certify nations and entities whose fishing vessels… [...]

Frustrated by their government’s failure to act on the issues facing the fishing industry, notably the sky-high cost of fuel that threatens the viability of many businesses, fishermen are blockading Dutch ports. Supporting today’s protest in IJmuiden Fishermen’s organisation EMK is adamant that emergency relief is needed for the Dutch fishing industry. Protests are taking place in IJmuiden, Harlingen and other ports, and the entry to the port of Lauwerszoog was blocked last night by fishing vessels. ‘If there isn’t concrete support soon, Dutch fishing will be heading for extinction. First it’s the farmers, and we are next in line.… [...]

France and Spain are set to roll out stricter measures in the Gulf of Lion to protect marine stocks and habitats as part of conservation efforts supported by the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM). In an area of 45 square kilometres in the Gulf of Lion, all fishing of demersal stocks conducted in a way that could endanger their sustainability is prohibited. This refers to both recreational and professional fishing with towed and bottom-set nets and bottom and mid-water longlines. In the surrounding 2017 square kilometres area fishing will be banned between November and April, while during the… [...]

Following the adoption of the Partnership Agreement 2021-2027 with France, the European Commission has adopted the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) Programme for France, to implement the EU common fisheries policy and EU policy priorities outlined in the European Green Deal. The EU contribution for the French Programme Fisheries 2021-2027 accounts for €567.1 million, and with national funding, its total financial allocation comes to €793.3 million for the new programming period. The Fund is intended to support the fishing and aquaculture sectors in France by facilitating the green and digital transition, adapting the product offer in line with… [...]

The US state of Delaware has expanded its network of artificial reefs with the latest vessel to be scuttled to become part of the underwater environment. The state has already sunk decommissioned ferry Twin Capes and former menhaden catcher John S. Dempster Jr on the Del-Jersey-Land Reef. Now the 60 metre former floating casino Texas Star, which was later refitted to become a scallop catcher/processor, has joined Reedville, an ex-military freighter and subsequently menhaden vessel, on the Redbird Reef. Texas Star was sunk on Redbird Reef. Images: DNREC These are among a number of former fishing, commercial and military vessels… [...]