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It was a coincidence that prompted the Icelandic fisherman Pétur Pétursson to view upon Bredgaard Boats in Rødby Harbor in his search for a replacement for his 15-meter longliner. He found it and also got a much higher capacity and more comfort onboard than expected.

“I was online and found something about Bredgaard Boats. After asking for more information about the boats in an email, the shipyard invited me to come down and see a new boat that was almost finished, and that was just about to be handed over, ”says Pétur Pétursson. “I fell for the look of the boat with its professional finish as well as the fact that you get a boat individually built and customized to your exact needs and not as a standard product, where you have to adapt. The whole process around the fibreglass vessel Bárður had taken approximately two years from when the contract was signed until the boat was ready for delivery.

The Icelandic fishing skipper Pétur Pétursson explains further, “I brought some of my own ideas into the project, where the design work was done by Borghegn Yacht Design, who had previously completed a large number of designs for Bredgaard Boats and now the drawings for the newbuild Bárður”.

“It is exciting to start fishing with such a new and well-equipped boat,” Pétur Pétursson emphasizes with the joy of anticipation in his voice, adding that after the first trial sail they expect to be able to speed up and go fishing.

With a cargo space of 85 cubic meters, which can store up to 55 tonnes, it has allowed for longer trips from home than was possible with the old cutter. SH-81 Bárður measures 26.85 meters in length and is 7 meters in width, the largest fibreglass vessel in the Icelandic fleet and one of the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. In any case, Pétur Pétursson is not aware of any other fibreglass boat of the same size.

The goal is for Bárður to return to Iceland by the end of September. Here they can test the ship properly along the way. The new Bárður replaces the older 15-meter long boat with a width of 4.20 meters, so jumping to the somewhat larger boat is a big step, with improved comfort and capacity. The boat is equipped with three two-person cabins, toilet and shower plus a well-equipped galley and booth room that can accommodate 7 to 8 people.

sh81 bardurComfort is also enhanced with a much calmer and stable ship in the lake, with good manoeuvring properties even in harsh lakes and high waves – conditions you cannot find in similar smaller boats. The old boat was only rigged up for one type of fishing, while the new Bárður is also rigged as a yarn boat. It provides a slightly different fishery, mostly cod, with some plaice throughout the winter months before switching to pruning from spring to autumn.

Bárður’s yarn has already been delivered; yarn supplied by the local net company Netagerð Aðalsteins, which is designed for mixed fishing of mainly cod and plaice.

Skipper Pétursson expects to have five crew members on board. With the old boat fishing from Arnarstapi on the south side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in western Iceland and Ólafsvík on the north side, the size of the new boat means that it will work almost exclusively from the somewhat larger port of Ólafsvík. Pétursson hopes to have enough quota to keep the ship running throughout the year.

The deck has a fully protected port side, partially open at starboard for handling the net carrier, and open at the stern with a cover. The bucket foot is mounted on the deck under shelter, where there is also storage for other implements.

A/S Scan from Hvide Sande provided Bárður’s tire equipment with a pair of SAI2000-TS5 winches equipped with SAI TS5 4750cc variable speed motors and with a drum capacity of 2600 meters each with 32 mm rope. Winches are electrically controlled with a 6-tonne first-tier drag and a speed of up to 25 rpm per minute at maximum load. They are controlled by a Scan Winch Autotrawl computer with a control panel in the wheelhouse.

A/S Scan has also supplied the stainless steel fittings for K300 trawl blocks built to support the 2800 mm long GM21-280-140 net drum. It has a 7-tonne first-tier layer with hydraulic brakes and safety valves. The Bárður’s SW 800-17.5 anchor with an HC3-800cc hydraulic motor is also part of the A/S Scan package. The Bárður has a 662kW MAN D2862LE421 main engine as well as a pair of John Deere 4045AFM85 units powering Stamford generators, each producing 89 kW.

Bredgaard Boats recently moved into new and larger premises in Rødby on Lolland, which has allowed the yard to build even larger fibreglass vessels than before, and according to Michael Jakobsen of Bredgaard Boats, fibreglass material has far more advantages over other materials. “There are savings in weight that result in lower fuel consumption and with a fibreglass material which provides less maintenance than materials such as steel, and the low weight also gives a greater load capacity in relation to the size of the boat.

Main dimensions

Length etc.
26.85 meters
Width mld
7.00 meters

Capacities etc.

Burn Oil
~ 8,700 L
Fresh water
~ 1,000 L
200 L
Hydraulic oil
1,200 L
85 cum. (Containers)
3 x 2 man cabins

Technical equipment

Propulsion plant:
Engine MAN D2862LE421, 900 HP / 662 kW at 1800 rpm,
Gear Twin Disc MGX 5225 D
2 x Zenoro Genset engine John Deere 4045 AFM Generator 50 kWe Stamford
Propeller system 5 blade, 140 mm. shaft, all these are supplied by
2 x 100 HP trusts

Tire machinery and hydraulics
Delivered and installed by AS SCAN, Hvide Sande

Fish Handling
Provided by BOA tech Hanstholm
2 x fish washers

The ship is built with 3 x 2 man cabins,
2 x bathrooms, kitchen,
living room with seating for 7-8 people.

Wheelhouse with seating for 5 people
2 x wheelchairs Pro Nautik

2 x septic tanks

Drawing and calculations
Borghegn Yacht Design

Class approval: Bureau Veritas


Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-sh81-bardur-bredgaard-leverer-islands-stoerste-glasfiber-fiskerfartoej/

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