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A fishing company in the Russian far east is the first in the Madagan region to order a highly modern factory vessel, placing the order with Tersan yard, and with the substantially ice reinforced vessel to be designed by Skipsteknisk. The new pelagic trawler for the Pacific Fishery Company CO, LTD (Tikhrybcom CO, LTD) is […] [...]

Pelagic trawler Resolute BF-50 has been delivered to owners Castlehill in Fraserburgh, calling in its home port for the first time the delivery trip from Spain, before heading for fishing grounds and landing its first trip in Norway. The order for the new Resolute was placed in November 2018, with the 69.80 metre LOA by […] [...]

Ludvig Ahm Krag has been appointed Professor at DTU, where he heads the fisheries technology research group, replacing his title of senior researcher with the title of Professor of Fishing Gear Innovation – an area in which he has worked since joining DTU Aqua in 2003. The overall objective of fisheries technology research is to ensure […] [...]

Skippers in England and Wales are needed to contribute to fisheries data usually collected by scientific observers, as current Covid-19 restrictions mean that Cefas fisheries observers are not able to board commercial fishing vessels to go to sea. Cefas has been collecting biological data from commercial landings at fish markets, merchants and on quaysides in […] [...]

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