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Determined to end conflicts between the Danish fleet and Dutch beam trawlers fishing in the Skagerrak, the Danish Fishermen’s PO (DFPO) and two Dutch fishermen’s organisations have struck an agreement to limit the activities of beam trawlers close to the Danish coast. According to DFPO, there have been repeated gear conflicts, and this damages the […] [...]

According to a recent survey conducted by Nofima, many people are positive about eating seaweed and kelp, despite the fact that many know little about them. Several companies are in the process of growing seaweed and kelp along the Norwegian coast. Experts around the world agree that the food we eat must become more sustainable […] [...]

An accord on the activities of fly-shooters in some English Channel waters comes into effect today, following an agreement having been reached between representatives of French, Dutch, Belgian and UK fishing sectors. So far the agreement applies only to Eastern Channel waters, although the parties concerned have agreed to meet again not later than September […] [...]

The Seychelles has officially launched its first report to the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, making it the first country in the world to submit such a report. This is seen as a major milestone for the Seychelles efforts to ensure that fisheries are environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially equitable. According to the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, […] [...]

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