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‘The last few trips have been like an adventure. There’s been a change on the Westfjords grounds in that, compared to previous summers, there’s a lot of large, good-quality fish on shallow grounds and there appears to be plenty of feed. First the fish were feeding on sandeel and now it’s small herring,’ said skipper […] [...]

The Russian Crab Company reports that in the first half of this year, it has caught 57% of this year quotas with landings of 7400 tonnes by its fleet between January and June. Almost all quotas have been accounted for in the Western Bering Sea and Karaginskaya subzones, where the company’s fleet targets blue king […] [...]

Negotiations between the European Union and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania towards renewing the bilateral agreement on sustainable fisheries have been concluded. This replaces the 2008 agreement, strengthening the political partnership between the EU and Mauritania that has a background of several decades of fisheries co-operation. The new agreement comes after a long negotiation, which […] [...]

Production has come to an end for the summer at the Samherji fish processing plant in the port of Dalvík in the north of Iceland, ending an eventful year of activity since the factory started up in August last year. ‘Over the last year we have had to cope with Covid and all the restrictions […] [...]

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