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L654 Pia Glanz


Fishing is a long-term investment in new construction.

In Danish fishing, it is necessary to look farther afield when planning to build a new vessel. Taking into account budget, earnings and sound advice, the result should be a positive return on a given investment.

It is not only in nature that changes occur, with fish species that are particularly sensitive to the environment adapting to climate change by searching further north. Then the changes happen at the shipyards; the changes outside influence inside and they produce even larger vessels with even bigger cargo spaces meeting demands and offering flexible fishing methods that require several days at sea and longer distances to the fishing grounds.

Such conditions and considerations have also faced the team behind the new build Pia Glanz. With skipper John Christensen at the forefront, and party shipowners Brian Kjærgaard Jensen and Jannich Christensen, he believes in the future of fishing and adapted to modern times with a newly built combined trawler and aircraft shooter, equipped with every conceivable electronics and state-of-the-art equipment that can be quickly swapped out. The West Jutland trawler controls both types of fishing for both round fish and flatfish. Easy to adapt and flexible are the keywords for the fishermen behind the new building Pia Glanz.

The safe choice

Pia Glanz L 654 is designed by Ove Kristensen from Vestværftet in Hvide Sande. A solid hull from the Nauta Hull Shipyard in Gdansk (Gdynia Poland), which is subsequently accommodated, supplied and installed in Hvide Sande. A beautiful ship with Vestværftet’s distinctive lines and slightly advanced wheelhouse that provides space and room on the work deck. A choice that ensures the latest principles in optimization of operation and fuel economy as well as catch treatment, with a clear focus on safety onboard and comfort for the crew. These are essential for a modern workplace at sea.

“The development is visible,” John Christensen tells FiskerForum.dk, “I started 39 years ago with yarn and a few hundred boxes in the cargo, up until today to L654 Pia Glanz 2019flyshoot with room for 2400 boxes in the cargo. A development that is necessary if the economy is to be connected, and we can continue to attract qualified labour. We are 10 men working around the Pia Glanz and have 6 men on board during each shift, so things have been evolving a lot since the late 1980s.”

After the baptism on Friday, September 27, Pia Glanz has completed the first trial fishing, and the last papers have been approved. The new West Jutland trawler and aircraft shooter from Thorsminde is now approximately 250 nautical miles northwest of Jutland, off the Norwegian west coast, where a visibly happy John Christensen can now finally be covered under foot again. “Fishing on the Norwegian west coast will be focused around roundfish and especially hake” explains the West Jutland skipper to FiskerForum.dk. “We also have good quotas at sea, which we would like to fish for ourselves,” says the fishmonger further, who has no plans to leave fishing for the time being and who now follows both Brian and Jannich, with the intention to one day take over the vessel and the quotas, as planned in the ongoing generation shift.

FiskerForum.dk wishes ship and crew good wind and good luck in the future in the fishery.

Main dimensions

Length etc.
33.25 meters
Length pp.
28.89 meters
Width mld
9.40 meters
Depth shelter deck
6.78 meters

Capacities etc.

Burn Oil
~ 79,000 L
Fresh water
~ 55,000 L
475 BT
10 men

Technical equipment

Propulsion plant:
The propulsion plant is supplied by Westdiesel A/S
Main engine: Mitsubishi S6U, 680 KW at 1000 rpm.
2 pcs. John Deere, auxiliary motors, 150 KVA, 380 V, 50 Hz.

Gear reduction: Hundested CPG 280, ed. 8.99: 1 with 2 PTO
Propeller: Dog site VP 12, Diameter ø 3380 mm in ø 3400 mm high efficiency screw nozzle (Vestværftet design).
2 pcs. SFT4 thrusters of 160 HP

All hydraulics are supplied by Thyborøn Skibs and Motor A / S
2 pcs. Rope play for 4000 meters Ø54 mm spinning rope. Traction 21 tons.
3 pieces. split game 21 tons traction
4 pieces. double net drums.
2 pcs. single net drums
1 piece. Rig winches
1 piece. mooring winch
2 pcs. help betting
1 piece. unloading crane. TMP 1300
1 piece. Hydraulic drive galley for moving 3 blocks
2 pcs. 160 HP hydraulically driven Hundested SFT4 stern and bow thruster
Thyborøn trawl computer

Refrigerator, freezer and ice maker:
Cooling load with floor keel and 2 x 4.5 tons of peeler machines are supplied and fitted by Lemvig Maskin og Coolingeknik.

Electrical installation and Fishfinder and navigation equipment:
Made by Western EL,

Fish processing equipment:
Factory plants for fish are supplied by BoaTech in Hanstholm
– Lifting conveyor.
– Clean / sort conveyor.
– Height adjustable platforms.
– BOAtech rotary washer with an overhead binge.
– BOAtech lifting paune.
– Cargo room binge.
– Runways.
– Overboard shaft with damper.
– Slurry ice tank.

Steering gear:
– Scan Steering, type MT2500
– Double pump unit
– Engine starters
– Remote panel
– Alarm system
– Complete rudder control system

Sandblasting and metallization and painted in Hempel ship colors.

Fishing tackle:
Trolley bucket: Delivered by Thyborøn Trawldoor
7.5m2 specially designed TYPE 23VF Bluestream.
2,500 kg roll


North Sea Trawl Thyborøn has delivered:
3 pcs 497 # fishing trawl


Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-l654-pia-glanz/

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