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T55G Odd Lundberg


On the 30th June 2017, a contract was signed between the shipping company Odd Lundberg A/S and Karstensens Skibsværft A/S for the construction of a new 69.99 m Snurper/Trawler.

The hull arrived in Skagen on the 5th March 2019, and the finished ship, after a successful fishing test, was handed over to the shipping company 15th August 2019. The vessel is to be christened at the home port of Foldvik in Gratangen, Norway on the 31st August 2019.

The family shipping company Odd Lundberg A/S was established back in 1918, and today the Lundberg family continues to own and run the company. The third generation consists of the brothers Geir and Tore Lundberg, where Geir is the general manager of the shipping company.
The shipping company is already future-proofed, as Geir Lundberg’s two sons are also extremely active in the shipping company; Mats Lundberg sails as skipper and Stian Lundberg is the chief engineer on board.

Mats and Stian Lundberg have also been responsible for the entire construction follow-up of the new project, and spent many hours on this, partly in Poland but primarily in Skagen, together with the yard’s employees.

The new Odd Lundberg is the company’s fourth newbuild project.

Odd Lundberg A/S is engaged in combined trawl and net fishing, where trawl fishing consists mainly of ebony and blue whiting (Norwegian: Hake/fishing west of Ireland). The other area of fishing is for primary herring and mackerel and carried on the net. The new vessel must be operated on these same principles.

The company justified its choice of construction yard because Karstensen’s Shipyard offers a total package that is both economically and technically very attractive. It has also been imperative to have complete influence throughout the design phase so that the project will be tailored precisely to the wishes and requirements of the company. Karstensen’s Shipyard welcomes the confidence the Lundberg family has displayed. T55G-Odd-Lundberg

The Lundberg family has been a regular customer at the yard for many years and therefore wishes to continue this collaboration. Similar to the other pelagic vessels under construction for shipyards in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Scotland, the new Odd Lundberg is their design. This ensures financial optimization, a short decision-making process and clear delimitation of responsibilities.

Other shipowners have also seen the benefits with Karstensen’s, and the yard is thus negotiating similar designs for potential Norwegian customers. The yard’s quality and care for details is the standard for this type of ship. The design, interior design and arrangements have been conducted in close collaboration between the shipping company and shipyard. The company has been busy with innovative solutions, and special attention has been paid to optimizing working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew.

In addition to this, great emphasis has been placed on the design of the hull, and optimization concerning the Odd Lundberg’s operating profile, with a view to the lowest possible fuel consumption. Also, the vessel is equipped with heat recovery systems from all engines, electric wincher, electric fish pump, and several measures to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption. Furthermore, the Brunvoll Ventus sleeve monitoring system is mounted for extra focus on detecting wear at an earlier stage and preventing harmful spills.

Safety and working conditions are of particular focus in that the entire cargo deck is made watertight with waterproof ship sides. It increases safety, and the freeboard increases by almost 3.0 m.
Furthermore, the company has opted for a future-proof solution for the winch system, which is electrically powered. This is to prioritize the external and internal environment (lower noise level).

The vessel is fully equipped with a separate trunk and trawl wincher and has pumping from the stern (trawl). Pumping from purse seines on the starboard side will be one deck higher than usual, and thus the crew will have a safer and simpler working environment.

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Electronics package

The shipping company placed great emphasis on getting the most modern and best safety solutions when the ship’s electronic equipment had to be determined. With such an extensive electronics package, the video presentation is an essential element on the whole. The skipper must be able to monitor and operate radar, sonar, camera system and other electronics from the current working area – whether from the skipper’s chair, the bridge or the aft bridge.

For this purpose, an advanced but easily usable video wall system from Furuno/Kramer has been installed. The customer has helped to develop the system to get precisely the functions and operation that he wants. With a single touch of a touchscreen, you can select from all of the 23 screens in the wheelhouse. The system can also be operated via a smartphone, an iPad or Android tablet and can also be monitored from the shipping office via the new Remote View feature.

The ergonomics have also been taken into account. Odd Lundberg is equipped with four newly developed consoles with 55″ screens, where both the height and angle can be controlled from the video wall. In this way, you can customise the presentation to the user’s current working position and compensate for reflections from sunlight.

The radar system is the latest model from Furuno and includes both an X-band version as well as an S-band with a new technique, which provides a more maintenance-free function as a solid-state component replaces the magnetron.

The new WASSP system has been upgraded with a more powerful transmitter and better filters for better detection of echoes under the ship and out at a 120-degree angle on the side of the ship. It provides an active bottom search area which is three times greater than the depth and shows the hardness of the bottom. Furthermore, it is now integrated with the TimeZero system where you can see the echo presentation and can save the information for next year’s use.

When it comes to security, the camera system choice is based on the criterion that the skipper or master must be able to monitor the entire ship continuously and record on a media to assess workflow throughout the ship and easily monitor a situation. The camera pictures can also be viewed on a smartphone, iPad or Android tablet.

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Main dimensions

Length etc.
69.99 meters
Length pp.
63.60 meters
Width mld
15.20 meters
Draft main deck
6.50 meters
Depth shelter deck
9.20 meters
Scantling draft
8.00 meters
2.780 GT
Capacities etc.
Burn Oil
490 m³
Fresh water
45 m³
Technical fresh water
255 m³
Lubricating oil
23 m³
28 m³
Hydraulic oil
4 m³
RSW tanks
2.185 m³

Technical equipment:

Design: Karstensens Skibsværft A / S
Sample Turs speed / average:
16.4 knots @ 3600 + 1500 kW diesel mechanical / boost.
Class: DNV-GL + 1A E0 Ice-C, Fishing Vessel.

Deck machinery:

Electric wincher, all supplied by MacGregor Rapp Marine:
2 x Trawl wincher 80.0 t
2 x Snurper wincher 37.3 t
2 x Net Drum 92.6 t
1 x Savior Winch 50.0 t
1 x Ear Calf Winch 16.6 t
1 x Chest Winch 16.6 t
1 x River Line Winch 11.1 t
2 x Mooring winch, aft 11.0 t
1 x Net probe winch
2 x Anchor winch
Fish pumping equipment provided by MacGregor Rapp Marine:
2 x Electric fish pump, 24 ”.
2 x Electric cable drum
2 x Fishing hose reel
Tire cranes and groove handling equipment provided by MacGregor Triplex:
1 x NK-7500 groove crane.
1 x KN-60 front crane.
1 x KN-60 fish pump crane, front.
1 x KN-60 fish pump crane, rear.
1 x TRH-126 middle roll.
1 x Flood paver, Triplex FLH-112.
1 x Founder, Triplex GL-112.
1 x Triplex 1020 groove tails, electrically powered.
Hydraulic power stations / power packs:
Crane Systems:
2 x 128 kW.
Trawl Blocks Brdr Markussen, BlueLine
Anchors and Chains HHP Spek, supplied by Sotra.


Main engine: MAN 6L32 / 44 CR (common rail).
Propeller system: Brunvoll Volda CP98 / 4, d4200 mm.
Reducing gears: Brunvoll Volda ACG 980-2, 750/125/100 rpm.
Shaft generator: Cummins AvK, 2500 kW / 3125 kVA @ 1200 rpm
– water cooled
Auxiliary engines: 1 x Cummins QSK-38DM, 992 kWe @ 1800 rpm.
2 x Cummins QSK-19DM, 567 kWe @ 1800 rpm.
Controller: 1 x R-R Tenfjord SR772 – 275 kNm.
Rudder 1 x R-R Ulstein FB-H 2330 × 4500 (flap).
Side propellers: 2 x Brownvoll FU-63-LTC-1750, 950 kW / 1292 HP

Starting air compressor: 2 x Lock HL2 / 77A
Working air compress: 2 x Atlas-Copco GA11FF
Bridge separator: Alfa Laval PA615.
BrO transfer pumps: 2 x Bombas Azcue.
Bridge remote mirroring: MCS.
SmO separator Alfa-Laval PA615
Pumps: Main engine cooling: Bombas Azcue.
Fire, flush and bilge pumps:
Bombas Azcue.
Hydraulic, AC and other cooling water pumps:
Bombas Azcue.
Box coolers: Bloksma (main engine)
Bloksma (auxiliary machinery)
(all machines and other main components are PV cooled).
Submersible pumps: ITT Flygt.
FV hydro plant: 2 x Bombas Azcue.
Toilet / sewage pumps: 2 x Hydrostal.
Toilet / vacuum system: Jets.
VV containers: 2 x OSO Marine 17RA 300 E
Load water separator: DVZ 2500 FSU OilChief


RSW system: 2 x Johnson Controls (JCI), 2 x 1195 kW / 2 x 1,028,000 kCal / h.
Circulation pumps 4 x 490 cum / h
Capacitor pumps 2 x 300 cum / h
Pumps of type Bombas Azcue.
RSW circulation system with Eltorque actuated valves, controlled by JCI control system.
Vacuum system: C-Flow:
4 x 66 kW compressor units.
2 x 4200 l tank.


MOB boat: Viking Norsafe Mako-655 MkI Waterjet 266 HP.
MOB boat davit: MDM DAF-375.
Life rafts: 2 x Viking, 16 pers.
Fire alarm systems: Consilium.
Central fire fighting: Survitec, water mist system.



Wheelhouse interior: Karstensens Shipyard
Wheelhouse consoles: ElPro
Wheelchairs: 3 x NorSap 1600 Comfort.
Layout: Maritime Installation.
Furnishing furnishings: Maritime Mount / Ekornes.
Shutters: GDP.
Interior doors: Momec door.
Ventilation system: Aeron.
A / C system: Aeron.
Windows: Van Wingerden.
Front windows: 19 + 6 mm laminated glass.
Wipers: 9 x Wynn.
Paint supplier: International.
International Intersleek silicone bottom paint.



Complete installation: KS Elektro A / S.

Alarm / Monitoring: Marine Control Services (MCS).
MCS has provided IAS – Integrated Automation System
with monitoring of main and auxiliary machines.
The system consists of FO Economy & FO control, integration
of PMS system, control of tire and navigation lights.
Monitoring can be done via PC or mobile phone using the ship’s internet.

Navigation lights: LED, Lopolight.
Search Spotlight: 2 x Polarlight.
1 x Colorlight.
Tank level alarms: Mobrey.
Main board: Scantechnic.
PMS system: DEIF Delomatic 4.
Central UPS: 99 kVA.



Electronic equipment (navigation, fishing search, communication) provided by Simrad, Scanmar and Furuno Sweden and installed by KS Elektro. Main components:
Matrix system: Furuno Videowall Mk2.
LF sonar: 1 x Simrad ST93.
MF sonar: 1 x Simrad CS90.
Bowscannar sonar: 1 x Simrad SN90
Sonar: 2 x Simrad ES-80.
3D sonar: WASSP
Trawl sonar: 2 x Simrad FS70.
Network monitoring: 1 x Scanmar ScanBas 365
Power Log: 1 x JRC JLN 652BB.
Radar, S-band: 1 x Furuno 2238 BB.
Radar, X-band: 1 x Furuno 2218 BB.
Gyro: 1 x Simrad GC80.
GPS gyro: 1 x Furuno SC-130.
Autopilot: 1 x Simrad AP80.
Ecdis: 2 x Tecdis T-2138A.
Plotter: 1 x MaxSea Time Zero.
1 x Olex.
SSB: Sailor 6310.
VHF equipment: 2 x Sailor 6222 DSC
3 x Sailor 6210.
Thermal camera: Flir M625, gyro stabilized
V-sat communication: Telenor.
Satellite phone Iridium LT-3100.
Satellite TV system: Telenor.
TV / Entertainment: Furuno Sweden.

– all equipment such as blackbox, and displayed on:
Wheelhouse monitors: 55 ”Olorin, widescreen monitors.

Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-t55g-odd-lundberg/

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