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l426 anders nees


The fifth new build, Anders Nees brings their fishing buddies together again.

For the four tanned fishermen who have once again teamed up for a new Anders Nees, a state-of-the-art and combined aircraft shooter and trawler from Vestværftet design, this has been from a good working life that has motivated them to build a new vessel.

With half of the investment by Tonny Nees from Thyborøn and the remaining 50 per cent distributed between Arne Christensen, Jan Poulsen and Rasmus Arnbak, the goal of the new build has not only been about economy and efficiency. Of course, that also matters, but for the experienced fishermen there has also been a high degree of co-determination during the construction phase, and in particular to create a stable foundation for their future working lives.

The sale of Anders Nees back in 2016 was not planned, but the offer to the West Jutland fishermen at that time was so good that they could not say no. Subsequently, they searched high and low for a larger used vessel, but when they did not succeed, continued with slightly different vessel options. But, as you know, it ended up differently. For Christmas 2017, they put their signature on a new build from Vestværftet in Hvide Sande, but with the contract on the ship at Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S (3XJ).

Almost three years after the vessel named Anders Nees was added to the quay in Thyborøn, you will now be able view it only in a younger and sharper version butl426 anders nees still with four very experienced fishermen on board, either at the helm or on the deck and in the engine room. Four experienced fishermen who have worked at sea for several years. Three have already turned 50, only Rasmus, with his 42 years, is the youngest member of the ownership group at Anders Nees.

As the youngest member, Rasmus also talks about having the cooperation and excellent relationships onboard, where you praise each other well and where it all just works perfectly. Here the decisions are made in agreement, which means a lot for the four fishermen, who each have their own special skills and therefore do what they do best.

Tonny Nees, whose grandfather Anders Nees, whom the ship is named after, further emphasizes that it has also been important for him that everyone feels included in the decisions. In addition to the four-party shipowners, there will be three crew members associated with the ship who will be working on shifts. Jonas Petersen as an adult apprentice and the experienced fisherman Frans Poulsen as well as the somewhat younger Skød Hansen – a student from the Fishery School in Thyborøn.

The new build L426 Anders Nees is 24 meters and has room for a crew of 6 men. The ship will fish for consumer fish and lobster in Skagerak and the North Sea, and according to plan, during the summer season flyshooting and in the winter period fishing with trawls. The ship has room for 900 boxes in the large cargo compartment.

FiskerForum.dk wishes the ship and crew the best of luck in the future.

Main dimensions

Length etc.
23.95 meters
Length pp.
20.50 meters
Width mld
7.40 meters
Depth shelter deck
6.05 meters
4.00 meters

Capacities etc.

Burn Oil
~ 25,000 L
Fresh water
~ 15,000 L
160 cum.
6 man
228.20 BT

Technical equipment

Det Norske Veritas, Class DnV + 1A1, Fishing Vessel
Taper spacing 500 mm

Propulsion plant:
Cummins Marine propulsion engine model QSK19-M
299 BHP, continuous operation
Cummins Electronic Control Module (ECM)

2 pcs. Volvo Penta marine diesel engine model
D5A TA Marine Genset UMC 274 E HE

Hundested Propeller A/S:
CPG80 gear with the reduction 10.8: 1 and 2 pcs. PTOs
VP10½S with 4 blades, diameter 2300 mm
FT3 thruster at 90 HP

deck equipment
2 piece aircraft shooter winch / split game
Rope capacity: 3300 meters 44 m / m
Traction at 250 bars / 14.5 tons.

1 piece. Split game type S-90
Wire capacity: 500 fv Ø 20 m / m wire.
Traction V / 250 bar / 14.5 Tons

2 pcs. split Net Drum
Traction at 250 bar / 14.1 tons.
Dynamic 15.0 ton Brake

1 piece. unloading and fine drum
1 piece. Take Games
1 piece. køregalge
1 piece. computer for Fly shooter system

fish Handling
Provided by BOAtech
Sort / clean conveyor.
BOAtech rotary fishing flush, with tiltable drainage slides.
6 compartment cargo binge.

Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik A/S has delivered:
Cool cargo and ice maker.
LMK Ice maker in stainless cabinet.
Split unit, seawater cooled condenser.
Bock compressor.

Upholstered by:
Carpenter Pedersen, Thyborøn

Electric installation
Supplied by West Electric

Delivered and mounted by Thyborøn Ship Electro
Furuno equipment:
Bridge guard alarm
GMDSS package
MaxSea Plotter

Simrad equipment:
PX trawl monitoring system

Intellian equipment:

Controller system, supplied by AS: SCAN
– Scan Steering, type MT1600
– Double pump unit
– Engine starters
– Remote panel
– Alarm system
– Feedback & indicator system
– Complete rudder control system

fishing tackle
Thyborøn Trawldoor has delivered:
Trawl blades: 80 TYPE 11 A
Roll lump 750kg

North Sea Trawl, Thyborøn
Fishing Trawl, Magnet Gray


Source: https://fiskerforum.dk/nybygning-l426-anders-nees-2019/

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