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Fishing industry organisations in Australia have branded a recent CSIRO article, published in the renowned Nature Sustainability journal, as junk science and based on dubious data. The article, titled By-catch rates in fisheries largely driven by variation in individual vessel behaviour, examined several fisheries, including longline and gillnet shark fisheries and the Commonwealth trawl fishery. The Southern Shark Industry Alliance (SSIA) and South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association (SETFIA), two of the three organisations representing the industry involved with these fisheries have successfully lobbied for CSIRO to withdraw the article. Two days after industry groups questioned the data, it was taken down… [...]

With negotiations on tuna stocks in progress at the 26th session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, European fishing industry Europêche has hit back at the Fishing Outside the Lines report by the Blue Marine Foundation which brands the European fleet fishing as “the largest contributor to overfishing” in the Indian Ocean. According to Europêche Tuna Group Director Anne-France Mattlet, options for legal action are being considered against Blue Marine Foundation, as the accusations contained in the report are demonstrably untrue. At the same time, the report fails to address genuine problems. ‘It is shocking to read that out of… [...]

‘This was a very short trip for us. We’re supposed to be alongside in Reykjavík next Monday, and we sailed on 5th May. Now we’ve been at sea for thirteen days and the catch is around 400 tonnes. This is some very mixed fish,’ said Arnar Haukur Ævarsson, skipper of Brim’s freezer trawler Örfirisey. Örfirisey started its trip on grounds off the south coast. ‘We were mainly looking for silver smelt. We found them in the Skerja Deeps and did well fishing there. As well as the silver smelt, there was some deep redfish with it,’ he said, adding that… [...]

Canada’s Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard Joyce Murray has announced that Fisheries and Oceans Canada has launched a third call for proposals under the Ghost Gear Fund. The Department will provide up to $10 million in funding under this latest call for proposals, and at least 10% of the funding will go towards projects that are led by Indigenous organisations and communities. ‘Through Budget 2022, the Government of Canada is investing an additional $10 million into the Ghost Gear Fund, so we can continue doing great work with industry and partners to clean our oceans. Ghost… [...]

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