The story on the back of todays Fishing News has made me dig out this map showing the routes the Western Mackerel and the North Sea Mackerel stocks take around the NE Atlantic.

The North Sea stock is a separate stock but doesn't usually migrate much further north than just north of the central North Sea ( usually off the Eastern side as well ) and ALL of the Mackerel that is taken by the small boats from Montrose north are Western Mackerel Stock fish NOT North Sea stocks.

I should know about this as when I left the Marine Lab in 1999 I was the accredited Mackerel aging scientist at the Lab ( one of only 3 in the UK at that time ) and we always bought boxes of Mackerel from the handline fishery to add into the information on the Western Mackerel Stock database.

It is nothing less than a political bullshyte and an attempt to destroy the inshore fishery to claim anything else.