Nellie was built in 1946 in Stockton and was placed in Marske sometime in 2007.
She fished from Marske for most of her life, and has stayed in the town, however recently a local news site reports this;


"SHE may soon be gone, but parish councillors are determined she will not be forgotten.

She is the Nellie, a beach coble built in 1946 which, for much of the past decade, has been the centrepiece of Marske village centre.

After Nellie's time at sea ended, she was offered to the Marske Community Partnership.

Following a successful bid to the National Lottery's Awards for All fund for almost £2,000 in 2006, she was spruced up and put on display.

However, members of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council were told her days were numbered.

Coun Margaret Wilson said: “She is rotting and will have to be removed.”

She added: “There is a lot of local history attached to Nellie. She was the first new boat on Marske beach after the war.

“It would be a shame just to have her removed and burnt, or whatever happens to it.”

Coun Wilson said some sort of information board should be created recording Nellie's place in Marske's history.

Parish councillors supported the idea and Coun Wilson is to look into the costs of the project."

However a little board near the boat now proclaims she is ready for repair, and some work looks to be starting to take place. It would be a crying shame if this beautiful little boat was lost forever, considering she's been part of Marske for the last 68 years.