Type: Fishing Vessel
Launched: 18/07/1962
Completed: 05/07/1963
Builder: Greenock Dockyard Co (Gateshead) Ltd
Yard: Friar's Goose, Gateshead
Yard Number: 518
Dimensions: 270grt, 92nrt, 116.6 x 25.5 x 12.6ft
Engines: 2 x 4cyl, 4SCSA, Maybach type, geared oil engines, 800bhp
Engines by: Bristol Siddeley Engineering Ltd, Coventry
Propulsion: 1 x Screw, CP propeller
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 187941
07/1963 Seapool Ltd, London
1968 Vickers Ltd (James Fisher & Sons Ltd, managers), Barrow
04/06/1968 Renamed VICKERS VENTURER
1972 Transferred to Vickers Oceanics Ltd
1980 British Oceanics Ltd, (Premier Shipping & Engineering Ltd, managers)
1980 Renamed VENTURER
1981 Eagle Tugs Ltd, (Shipmarc Ltd, managers), Cayman Islands
1986 Albin Maritime Corp, (Southern Engineering Co Ltd, managers), St Vincent
09/10/2007 Undiscloded owners

Comments: Launched by T Mitchison Ltd, Gateshead
Completion taken over by Greenock Dockyard Co (Gateshead) Ltd when Mitchison's parent company went into receivership.
06/01/1963: Mortgaged to the White Fish Authority, London
18/01/1967: Mortgage repaid
Converted into a research & submersible's mothership