It's been ages since I last posted
Too much else going on in my life to be working on the ringer model
Have in the last two or three weeks started on the final bits of finishing work
That work raises a bunch of questions one of which is to do with the brailer net
The eagle-eyed among you will spot the pole and frame in various of these new shots
My question is, what was the approximate length of the bag? Presumably it was gathered at the bottom and secured with a slipping not
So, advice would be very welcome indeed
As you can see, I'm also working on the inside of the wheelhouse and have lined it out with matchboard
Still need to fill in detail ... sounder (what model did she start out with), radio gear (ditto), etc, etc
Was there a wee chart table at the back, etc
Done pound boards but still need to make gas bottle box
Have slo done the pound boards
So there y'go for now